Chaz Mechenbier Solo guitarist / duo "Chaz and Nicki"

Upcoming Live Shows:

Wed 5/1 w/Phil Dirt & the Dozers, FLA
Thu  5/9 Hollywood Gaming, Dayton - Chaz and Nicki
   @ 6pm, JuJuBees @ 7pm, three acts to follow!
Sat 5/11 Chaz and Nicki at Huntington Park, 5:45,
   Columbus Clippers to follow
Tue 5/14 w/Chaz and Nicki @ Whole Foods, 6pm
Wed 5/15 Pro Jam at Hidden Lakes Winery, 6pm
Thu 5/16 Chaz & Nicki at "Taste to Remember" for the
   Hunger Alliance
Thu 5/16 Chaz with David Rice, Short North

Fri  5/17

Saturday, May 18:
 8 am Race for the Cure, on-course entertainment
 1pm  Chaz and Nicki at Hidden Lakes Winery
 8pm Hang Time band, private party, Johnstown
Thu 5/23 Chaz & Nicki @ Hidden Lakes, 6pm
Fri 5/24 Chaz & Nicki @ Tucci's, 6pm
Sat 5/25 Chaz & Nicki - Grandview parade, 10:30
Thu 5/30 Chaz & Nicki @ New Albany Country Club
Fri 5/31 Chaz & Nicki @ Market Dist. Grandview Yard

Coming in JUNE: The Columbus Arts
Gatsby's w/John Schwab, and our first show at
the famous JT's Pizza in Linworth!
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Chaz Mechenbier, from Dayton, Ohio, has been playing guitar for as long as he can remember, starting his
professional career while still in high school.  Still loving every minute of it, he says he has yet to grow up!

Chaz played for 7 years in Nashville as guitarist for some top singers and musicians, most notably award
winner Ronnie Milsap and CMA Hall of Famer Jerry Reed.  

In 1997 Chaz returned to Columbus, joining the band Phil Dirt and the Dozers.  He now leads the band Hang
Time and performs every week with
Nicki Jo Baker, a dynamic singer who is also a lead singer with Hang
Time. Occasional gigs with the Dozers are always fun, too!

Chaz learned to play from his 7 brothers and sisters, and learned to entertain by sharing stages all over the
world with some of the greatest musicians of our time.  Take a seat, or stay on your feet, Chaz will bring the
music to you!
The New JuJuBees party band
Summer 2016, Fraze Pavillion as
opening act for Blood Sweat and Tears
Hang Time -
Classic and
First of All a full-length CD of 10 original songs!
Chaz & Nicki say thanks, the CD Release show was a blast!
Order our first full length release of 10
original songs online!        >>>